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Childhood Activities That Grew My Storytelling Skills

Storytelling has always been in my blood—it’s clear by looking at the activities I enjoyed as a kid. Some of my favorite activities put both my analytical and creative skills to the test and helped foster a mindset of invention. After a little bit of reminiscing, I put together a short list of some specific activities I could think of, in case you're interested in looking into them for your children (or yourself 😉)!

HeRInteractive Nancy Drew PC Games

I’ve spent an INSANE number of hours playing these games (and still pull them out every now and then 🤣). These point-and-click mystery-adventure games stood out above other PC games because they are, first and foremost, story-driven. Each one features a unique and memorable setting, plot, and cast of characters. You don’t feel like you’re simply playing a puzzle game—you feel immersed in the story, like you're making your own decisions and drawing your own conclusions.

I think these games grew not only my puzzle-solving skills but also my story-crafting skills. They taught me to think of stories as not just something you read or watch, but as something you experience.

(A few of the games are also available in multiple languages, if you're interested in improving your foreign language skills in a unique and fun way!)

Learn more about them here.

Clue Jr. Books

Clue Jr. was a series of books, each containing several small “mysteries.” A short story would set up the mystery, and it was up to the reader to solve it. As a kid I loved the challenge these books posed. They helped teach me how to study and analyze a text instead of simply reading it.

You can find the series here (and on Amazon if you're lucky!).

Story Cubes and Cards

Story cubes and cards are a great way to spark creativity. I personally preferred the cards for their thematic illustrations! Find Story Cubes here and the Story Cards above here.

Storytelling Games

This is a bit more vague than the other items on the list, but I realized most of the games I came up with as a kid revolved around storytelling as well. My friends and I used to play a game where we’d each grab a notebook, set a 10-minute timer, and start writing a story. When the timer was up, we’d pass our notebooks to the left, restart the timer, and for the next ten minutes we'd add to the stories we were handed. We continued this until everyone had a chance to write in every story, then we’d read the stories out loud.

Another game I loved was to take five or six songs that had been stuck in my head that week and try to write a musical story that those songs would fit into. It was a fun challenge, and I still do something similar when I’m feeling creatively blocked with my writing. 😂


Are you familiar with any of these activities? What were your favorite childhood pastimes? Let me know in the comments below! 😊

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