• Madison Brown

I'm releasing a coloring book!!

I have exciting news to share!!



The cover of my coloring book, Bloom

Bloom: A Coloring Book for the Industrious Woman will be releasing on May 1st, 2020. Containing 25 illustrations for you to complete, it features women in various careers, from astronaut to artist to arctic explorer! I’ve been keeping this top-secret for months and am so excited to finally be able to share it with you!!

Two of the coloring pages from Bloom

To see more of Bloom's pages, check out this video from my Facebook page!

Even though Bloom isn’t releasing until May, it will be up for preorder—details on when and how to preorder will be on my Instagram and Facebook accounts soon. Plus, there will be special goodies available for everyone who preorders the book! So definitely stayed tuned for more info to come.

Thank you for letting me gush about Bloom to you—I’m so happy to finally let you all in on the secret. :)

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