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Weekly Blog Posts? Vlogging??

I’m really excited to announce a BIG change coming to my social media—but, sorry, I need to preface it with some backstory… :D

I started by Instagram and Facebook pages about five years ago as a way to share my art and connect with other creatives. Since then I’ve posted irregularly—sometimes twice or three times a week, while sometimes months would pass between posts. But most of my posts have something in common: they’re fairly impersonal.

Don’t get me wrong—I've made a ton of amazing friends and connections through my social media. But I feel like a lot of my followers know hardly anything about me. Many people follow me for my art but don’t know about my other creative projects or that I even own my own business (*shameless plug warning* which you find more about here *end of shameless plug*)

So for a while I’ve been wanting to remedy this problem and make my social media more personal with a little more variety. But, honestly, I've been scared to do it. Scared that no one will be interested if I branch out, that I’ll lose followers or that the algorithms will murder and bury me.

Social media experts say to stick to a niche… but I thought, why not do the exact opposite of that? Who cares what will happen to my account; I’m going to do what I want (and suffer the consequences, lol).

Anyways, that was just a long way of saying that my social media is changing. Firstly, I’m going to be posting weekly blog posts on my website. I’ll also be posting short vlogs weekly on my Instagram account. Both the blog and the vlog will be coming out on Mondays (I may not get both a post and a video in every week, but I’m going to try my best).

My first post and video are actually coming out today—they’re about my process of creating my coloring book, Bloom. You can check out the post on my blog, and the video will be coming out on my Instagram account.

And don’t worry—I’ll still be posting art! The blogs and videos will just be an addition. I really appreciate your patience and engagement with what I post as I venture into this uncharted territory. :) I’m really excited to shape my social media into something new!

So until next time,


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